Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the beginning, there was light.... bulb.

My very first introduction into the world of independant financial success was AMWAY. Don't worry... I'm not going try to convert you. Hahaha. I was in AMWAY for about a year. I learned a lot of things, but found that it really wasn't my cup of tea. I'm not saying they are a good or a bad company. I was just not able to get with the program and I didn't feel comfortable with their ways. Now, a lot of regular-Joe type people have become millionaires in that business. It is a huge business. In my opinion, it is one of the biggest reasons people are scared away by network marketers even if the network marketer is not selling AMWAY. If I'm not mistaken, the tools and tactics used by many network marketing companies were largely pioneered by AMWAY.

I mentioned before that I learned a lot of things from being in AMWAY. Many of those things are not AMWAY specific. They are the basis for most businesses and for most people who are successful in business. After I quit AMWAY, those things that I learned stuck with me and reverberated in my head. The one thing that stood out from the others was, "You will never get rich working for someone else". I'm sure you have heard that many times. If this is somehow the first time you have read it, be sure to burn it into your head because it is true. We are taught to be poor and broke from day one. This thought was my lightbulb. It started my gears spinning and lead me to many more interesting things that successful people know and live by. To be in business for yourself is to set yourself free. Now, of course, you and I both know that is easier said than done. Some of the pains of that part of my journey will be unfolded as I continue to blog, but I wanted the main message of this post to be that you will never be free working for someone else. I don't care what the salary is. The even sadder truth is that it is harder for someone making a lot of money working for someone else to break free. People who are poor and broke and desparate are more willing to take a chance and try something new especially if it has the slightest notion of getting them to a better place in life. When a person is doing pretty good or is living among the wealthiest of the middle-class, it is very very hard to take a chance. This has been one of my own biggest hurdles. I started what has now turned out to be my life's carreer so far at age 20. Much valuable time has been lost on being too comfortable to take a chance. Try to always keep in mind what is truly valuable in your life and it will make it easier to take those chances and not waste time.

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